Doom 2016 System Requirements Full Breakdown (and the best CPUs & GPUs for Doom domination)

doom 2016 system requirements

The hugely popular Doom franchise is back better (and gorier) than ever, but the question is, does your current PC setup pack enough punch to allow you to take part in the all-new demon-killing awesomeness?

In this breakdown we’ll take a close look at the Doom 2016 PC system requirements in plain English and also share some tips for anyone upgrading or building a PC with this resource-intensive game in mind.

If you’ve been living under a depressing Doom-less rock, the Doom series of first-person shooters dates all the way back to 1993 when the first version was released on the PC.

To this day the original 1993 Doom’s release is widely considered as one of the most important in gaming history for kick-starting the now household first-person shooter genre into mainstream popularity.

This latest release in the series, simply named Doom (and commonly referred to as Doom 4 or Doom 2016 to distinguish from the original) is by far the most aesthetically-pleasing yet.

Built upon id Software’s all-new id Tech 6 Game Engine masterminded by the one and only John Carmack, it’s also no surprise that it’s the most hardware-intensive of the series as well.

If you wish to run this great new title in all its demonic glory, you’ll need to pay close attention to your specs.

In this complete specs breakdown we’ll take a look at the official Doom 2016 system requirements, including both the minimum and recommended specs, and share a few handy tips on squeezing out the most performance for your money when building a PC (or upgrading) with Doom domination in mind.

If your current build doesn’t fit the bill based on the specs below, you may want to consider a nice little upgrade to your gear. Especially if you’re a Doom die-hard and you’re picky about performance.

However, whilst it’s not very surprising that the Doom 2016 system requirements are quite beefy compared to most other PC titles (games developed by id Software typically are) – here’s the good news.

The game has been widely applauded by PC enthusiasts for being very well optimized (thank the always highly talented id Software), and multiple reputable sources report this latest incarnation will run surprisingly well on mid-range hardware.

So if you’ve built (or bought – gasp) a PC in the past 2-3 years you should be in the clear for a smooth ride.

Doom Minimum Requirements

Alright, let’s first break down the official minimum specs first including our top value picks for CPUs and GPUs to cover these specs for a playable experience.

Then we’ll get into the official recommended specs as well as the top CPUs and GPUs for your money to run the game flawlessly.

Minimum CPU Intel Core i5-2400 or better / AMD FX-8320 or better
Minimum GPU NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB or better / AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better
Minimum RAM 8GB
Disk Space 55GB
Operating System Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Other Steam Account, Broadband Internet Connection, DirectX 11

Sorry to break it to you but that little old $300 budget machine won’t have you tearing up horrifically-awesome demons on Mars anytime soon. But you knew that.

You’ll be needing a bare minimum of an Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD FX-8320 processor, 8GB RAM, and a NVidia GTX 670 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB at the very least for a playable experience.

It’s also worth mentioning you’ll need 55 GB of spare storage space, and only 64-bit versions of Windows is supported. You also require a good internet connection to download the majority of the game files directly from Steam, even if you buy the disc version (only 5GB of data occupies the disc version).

The Best Budget CPUs for Doom

The minimum processor, the Intel Core i5-2400, dates back to 2011. On the AMD side of things, the AMD-8320 is from late 2012.

There is a plethora of Intel and AMD chips that’ll perform at their level or higher, but your best modern-day choice to get the most performance for your money is the popular Intel Core i5-6500. That’s if you won’t be overclocking, otherwise get the ‘K’ version.

If the i5-6500 is over your budget a little but you still want to get a new processor that’ll handle Doom very nicely without breaking the bank – the AMD FX-8350 would be a solid choice and is a nice step up from the AMD FX-8320 in the minimum specs. It’s quite a bit cheaper than the i5-6500 but performance in Doom and all of the latest games is still very solid, assuming you’ve got a decent graphics card too of course.

The Best Budget GPUs for Doom

As for the minimum graphics card required to run Doom, you’ll need a NVidia GTX 670 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB at the very least for a decently playable experience.

These cards date back to 2012, so the modern day equivalent of a card that’ll run Doom at a basic level is the GeForce 950.

However, if you can afford it you’ll seriously want to consider a jump to the next tier by grabbing a trusty GeForce 960 instead for much better performance. Judging from various reliable reports, the ever-popular 960 squeezes out very decent Doom performance in 1080p.

doom 2016 screenshot

For example, Techspot’s Doom benchmarks reported a minimum of 55 FPS and an average of 64 FPS with a 2GB GeForce 960 in 1080p on Ultra settings (when paired with an i7 I might add).

Yes, that’s a high-end processor but even with a lesser CPU you can expect very good performance with a 960 – you’ll have to tone down some graphic settings though if you want a flawlessly-smooth 60 FPS though.

The GeForce 960’s AMD equivalent, the R9 290, didn’t rare as well in benchmarks from around the web but still gets quite decent performance in 1080p.

In fact, across all price ranges NVidia is the clear winner over AMD/ATI specifically when it comes to Doom.

Doom Recommended Requirements

Now for those who scoff at minimum specs and expect nothing less than the full Doom experience, let’s take a look at the official recommended Doom 2016 system requirements as well as our own specific CPU and GPU recommendations for Doom domination:

Minimum CPU Intel Core i7-3770 or better / AMD FX-8350 or better
Minimum GPU Nvidia GTX 970 4GB or better / AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB or better
Minimum RAM 8GB
Disk Space 55GB
Operating System Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Other Steam Account, Broadband Internet Connection, DirectX 11

If you’re a little worried by the above, don’t worry because as I mentioned before Doom is nicely hardware-optimized and you don’t need the recommended GeForce 970 and an i7 to run the game very nicely. Especially if you’re playing in the mainstream 1080p.

Top CPUs for Doom Domination

When it comes to the recommended processor, don’t worry if you don’t have/can’t afford an i7 as you don’t need one for excellent performance.

A nice i5 such as the well-priced i5-6500 (if not overclocking) is going to do just nicely. When it comes to gaming these days the difference between a good i5 and an i7 is quite minimal.

If you do have the cash to splash on an Intel Core i7, I’d opt for the latest Intel Core i7-6700 if you’re not overclocking, otherwise go for the i7-6700K version. These processors will give you the foundation to play Doom to its maximum potential.

As for the AMD side of things, the minimum recommended AMD FX-6350 is very budget-friendly at well a well cheaper price than an i5 or i7, thought I’d personally stick with Intel for best performance.

Top GPUs for Doom Domination

If you’re performance-picky and you demand absolute flawless performance on ultra settings and/or on high resolutions then you’ll want cover the above recommended GPU of the enthusiast-level GeForce 970 4GB.

It’ll have you reaching a flawless 60 FPS throughout the game in 1080p, and very close to a steady 60 FPS throughout in 1440p, assuming you’re also pairing up with a solid processor like the i7 models I just mentioned.

There’s no real need for anything better than a 970 unless you don’t want a single hiccup in 1440p on max settings – in which case the next level up AKA a GeForce 980 is your friend.

I won’t mention AMD cards here because as I mentioned above in the minimum specs breakdown – NVidia is without a doubt the way to go when it comes to Doom performance at least for now. Seems there are AMD driver issues affecting performance on their cards at the moment. Perhaps they will fix this in the near future, but for now I highly suggest sticking to NVidia.

doom 2016 hd screenshot

As for those daring souls running in the almighty 4k resolution, well, you’d be hard-pressed finding a single GPU on the market right now that’ll give you maxed-out flawless performance.

A GeForce 980 Ti will get you pretty close, and so will a GeForce Titan X which boasts a huge 12GB of memory. However, if choosing between these two beasts I’d definitely get the 980 Ti because the huge jump in price to the Titan doesn’t justify the slight performance boost you’ll get from it over the 980 Ti.

SLI is your best bet for the ultimate 4k experience, however keep in mind that Doom isn’t currently optimized for SLI so the performance gain at the moment might not justify the big cost involved in a high-caliber SLI setup. However, the good news is that a fix is coming soon (according to a lead programmer at id Software) so if you have the cash to splash then I’d so go for it.

Alternatively you could wait for the new upcoming GeForce 1080 which would seal the deal for the ultimate high-resolution Doom experience via a single GPU.

Summary of Best Doom CPUs & GPUs

Suggested GPU for 1080p (1920 x 1080):

Suggested GPU for 1440p (2560 x 1440):

Suggested GPU for 4k (3840 x 2160):

Suggested Minimum CPU

Suggested High-End CPU

Is Your Setup Doomed or Ready for Battle?

That’s it for my breakdown of the official Doom 2016 system requirements and recommended GPUs and CPUs. Good to have old “Doomguy” back in business once more.

If you feel I missed something, or need further guidance with choosing between parts, or perhaps you just need to vent because you’re stuck with your grandma’s Pentium 4 and missing out on punching horrifically-awesome new Demons in the face like the rest of us (actually now a feature :P) – I’m here to help.

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