Best Gaming Graphics Cards June 2017: Top Value AMD and NVIDIA GPUs

Last Updated: May 24th, 2017 We've dissected the current GPU market like mad scientists and rounded up the best gaming graphics cards of 2017 from both AMD and Nvidia to help you get the most bang for your buck when building or upgrading your gaming rig. Your choice of graphics card plays a pivotal role in how well your PC will perform when gaming, specifically the quality of the graphics displayed on screen and the frames per second (how smoothly your games will be rendered). Before … [Read more...]

The Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $1000 (Q4 2016)

Building your own desktop is the way to go if you want to fully maximize performance for your money, however gaming on the go is becoming more and more attractive by the year with advancements in mobile hardware technology. We've done the thorough market research for you and compiled what we believe to be the current best cheap gaming laptops under $1000 to help you in making a smart choice. Not so long ago finding a decent gaming laptop for under 1K that could keep up in current, demanding … [Read more...]

Top 3 Best Gaming Sound Cards for 2016 (maximize your gaming audio)

If you're after the absolute best PC gaming experience possible, the audio capability of your rig plays a decent part in that, and using the built-in audio provided by most motherboards just won't cut it. With a dedicated sound card in your machine your games will come to life like never before with better quality surround sound that'll allow you to hear subtle audio effects with more clarity and make music sound a whole lot better too, making for an overall more immersive and enjoyable … [Read more...]

The Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money (August 2015)

If you're putting together a brand new desktop build, or perhaps you're just upgrading the graphics card of your current computer, you may be confused as to which video card is the best buy right now. In this article I round up the best bang for your buck video cards for gaming in different price ranges to help make your decision a lot simpler. I've done the painstaking research for you so you can stretch your money further and get back to gaming as quickly as possible. Choosing between … [Read more...]

The Best Gaming Memory for 2015 (top 3 best gaming RAM sticks for the money)

If you need help choosing the best gaming memory for your new custom build rig I've picked out the best bang for your buck RAM on the market right now for three different price points: budget, standard, and extreme. The amount of memory you choose for your build has a direct influence on the performance of your games and other programs so it's wise to invest in a decent amount of fast RAM. If you need more information on selecting the right RAM for your needs then check out How to Choose the … [Read more...]

The Best Gaming Motherboards for 2014

Your motherboard is a very important piece of the custom PC puzzle. Sure, some may say the motherboard doesn't directly influence gaming performance which is true, but the motherboard you decide on will have a significant say on the overall quality of your build, the types of components you can have in your build, the upgradability of your build, and the overall stability, amongst other things. Selecting a reliable, well-made and feature-rich board will serve you well now and into the future and … [Read more...]

The Best Gaming Processors for 2014

This article is for those who need some guidance to choose the very best gaming processor for their new build. Your CPU/processor has a direct correlation to the overall performance of your system so it's important that you pick one that is powerful enough to handle the games you wish to play with your build. If you're aiming to play the latest games on high settings, then getting the cheapest processor you can get your hands on is obviously a bad move. Then again, there's no need to waste … [Read more...]

The Best CPU Coolers for 2014

The majority of CPUs come with a stock cooler/heatsink that will do a decent job of keeping it cool and quiet. However, if you plan on overclocking you will definitely need to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler that will cool your processor more effectively and reduce noise. Even if you aren't overclocking, you might still want a better cooler if your CPU is running too hot and/or loud. But what are the best CPU coolers to buy? In this article I have rounded up the best bang for your buck … [Read more...]

The Best Gaming Power Supplies for 2014

If you need a helping hand with choosing an affordable high-quality power supply for your new gaming build you're in the right place. I have dissected the current market and picked out the best gaming power supplies for your money in various categories. As I drilled into you over and over in How to Choose the Best Power Supply For Gaming, you shouldn't take your PSU choice for granted and simply picking the cheapest one you can find is almost always a bad idea. If you want to avoid potential … [Read more...]

The Best Gaming Cases for 2014

A quality, reliable and stylish case is the final touch to any good gaming build but there are so many stylish-looking quality cases out there so deciding on one can be a tough assignment. Just when you think you've found the perfect case for your build after hours of wading through countless options, you'll stumble upon another that looks even more awesome with even cooler features, and the cycle continues. Out of all the components required for your custom build, I've found the case to be … [Read more...]