Best Gaming PC Builds for 2017: Ultimate Parts-List Guide

Last Updated: 27th May, 2017.  Welcome to the latest best gaming PC builds in our constantly updated, objectively unbiased, and thoroughly researched ultimate guide to choosing the current best bang for your buck components when building a new custom gaming rig for any budget. No need to wade through endless technical reviews and drown in confusing specs and model numbers; here at CGB we're here to simplify PC hardware as much as humanly possible and we've done the extensive market … [Read more...]

The $450 Cheap Gaming PC Build for Summer 2016 (console killer)

Whoever said you can't put together a real cheap gaming PC build that can run the latest PC games quite nicely is quite simply misinformed. It's time for another CGB build - this one has been compiled for those of you putting together a new gaming system this summer and looking to maximize gaming performance and reliability for a tight budget of around $450. Let me introduce the Summer 2016 "Console Killer". PC gaming can be an expensive hobby, but it truly doesn't have to be. With the … [Read more...]

Recommended Enthusiast Gaming Builds: Dec 2015 ($950 and $1300 Builds)

The following "enthusiast" gaming build examples are here to help you pick the very best bang for your buck components on the market right now when putting together a new gaming PC build. My assistant and I have carefully researched and optimized these builds to show you how to maximize gaming performance firstly for a budget around ~$950, and then for a budget of around ~$1300. Although gaming performance is the top priority, we haven't sacrificed on overall quality, stability and … [Read more...]

Recommended Budget Gaming Builds: December 2015 ($450 and $600 Builds)

  The following budget gaming build examples will show you how to squeeze out the most gaming performance for your money when putting together your own custom build on a tight budget. You can use these builds exactly as they are, or as a base for your own build and make some modifications to suit your wants and needs. The target budget for the first build is $450 which will suit casual gamers or those with a limited budget who still wish to play the latest games quite well. The second … [Read more...]

Recommended Hardcore Gaming Builds for 2015 ($1750 and No-Limit Builds)

If you have a large budget to work with to put together a killer gaming rig the following recommended hardcore gaming builds are here to help you stretch your money as far as possible. The first build shows how to maximize gaming performance for a target of roughly ~$1750, and the second build is an example of the type of dream gaming system you can assemble if you're lucky enough to have zero restrictions on your budget (AKA a PC gamer's wet dream). These builds will dominate absolutely … [Read more...]