8 Good Reasons to Build Your Own Gaming PC

reasons to build a pcIf your aim, like most people visiting this site, is to maximize gaming performance for your money, building your own PC is without a doubt the better choice when compared with buying a pre-built PC.

It may be a little extra effort to buy each part individually and then put the build together yourself, but it’s easy to do and well worth it in the end.

There are many other great benefits to building your own custom PC than just saving money though.

So if you’re on the fence and not totally convinced that you should build your own rig then hopefully after reading this post your eyes will be opened and you’ll never want to buy a pre-built machine again.

Don’t get me wrong, pre-built desktops have their place and some can be decent buys for certain PC users, but for gaming enthusiasts a custom build will easily be the smarter decision 9 times out of 10.

1. Save Money

For most people this is a good enough reason by itself to build your own gaming PC, let alone the following 7 reasons. By searching around for a good deal on each individual PC part, you can save a decent amount of money. In general the higher your budget for your custom build, the more you will end up saving.

2. Get the Exact PC For Your Needs

Building your own PC is the only way to completely tailor your computer to suit your specific wants and needs to a T. You are the boss and can design your build from top to bottom, from which style of case you want to which exact components and features you’re after and everything inbetween.

3. Higher Quality Components to Choose From

If you buy a pre-made desktop PC it’s quite common that you won’t be able to find out the exact model of each component inside, so it can be a guessing game as to the quality of each of your parts. This is especially common with power supplies where you will find many pre-assembled PCs out there that contain cheap low quality PSUs which is a big no no if you’re after a reliable gaming machine.

Motherboards are also rarely what they seem in a pre-built desktop. Even if they are from a respected motherboard manufacturer, in many cases it will be a specialized low-end version to suit the specific needs of the computer. This can cause problems down the road such as difficulty finding extra drivers and support for your board.

Desktop manufacturers also tend to switch OEM supplies for certain components quite frequently so that they can find the best deals to suit a certain desktop setup, so even the vendor support team might not have a clue as to which model or even brand a certain component might be.

Build your own gaming PC and you’ll avoid such problems. You have the power to choose the exact high quality components that you desire with the specific features that you need, and you can be sure that what you see is what you get and end up with a quality and reliable machine.

4. Better Upgradeability

With a pre-made computer your upgrade options will most likely be quite limited if any are even possible in the first place. As an example to illustrate what I mean, let’s say you want to upgrade the video card in a pre-built PC.

Chances are you will also need to upgrade the power supply to accomodate the new video card as the power supplies in pre-built systems tend to only have enough power for the system as is. Then there’s the possibility your new card won’t even fit in the case, or that your motherboard won’t support it.

On the other hand if you build your own gaming PC you get to decide exactly how upgradeable your system is. You can choose how much power your PSU will supply to take into account extra components in the future, you can pick a motherboard with plenty of easy upgrade options, and you can select a decent-sized future-proof case without having to worry about whether you’ll have room for an upgrade or two down the line.

5. Better Manufacturer Warranty

The warranty that you get with quality individual parts is more than likely going to be longer than the warranty you get with a pre-assembled system. Plus, if you upgrade your pre-built PC you run the risk of voiding the warranty whereas with a custom build you are free to upgrade whenever you want without affecting warranties.

6. Gain Valuable Knowledge and Skills

Another often overlooked aspect of building a custom computer is the learning experience. You will gain valuable computer hardware knowledge and skills which can come in handy for various situations such as your job if you work in IT, or with troubleshooting and fixing problems with your PC down the road.

7. No “Bloatware”

Pre-assembled PCs usually come installed with a bunch of software that you most likely will not want to use such as trial versions of various programs, useless utilities, and more annoying advertising. This software is affectionately known as “bloatware” and can really slow your system down if you’re not aware of how to get rid of it properly.

If you build your own gaming PC you will avoid all the crap and be free to make a clean install of your operating system, and then you can add quality software that you will actually make good use of.

8. It’s Fun!

It might not be everyones idea of fun, but designing your build specifications and style, searching around for the coolest parts, and then assembling your machine is a lot more exciting than simply buying a pre-built computer.

After having built your PC piece by piece and to see it up and running in all its glory is satisfying and you will always have that sense of pride and accomplishment whenever you start her up. You will also feel in total control of your PC as you know exactly what is inside, which specific features you have access to, how it all works together, and what sort of upgrade options you have at your disposal.

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